I didn’t quite know what I had gotten myself into when I moved to Jones.  I did like the appeal of a small town, but was beginning to regret my decision.  The gossip of living in a small town was something I had anticipated, but not to the extent I found. 

Every time I walked into a store of into the sole diner in town, everyone seemed to stop talking the moment they noticed me.  I always wondered what was so important they needed to talk about on such a regular basis, but I didn’t care to find out.  Not sure I wanted to know why they seemed to think I was so interesting. 

All I wanted to do was live my life in peace and quiet and to live my life how I wanted.  I simply wanted to be left alone and to my own devices.  As the weeks went on and the gossip continued, I began to take notice of what the town was talking about.  What exactly did they think happened to me in my past life?  Where did they think I had come from?  Did they know everything?  Surely they didn’t know about the murder. 

I don’t think there was any way they could, but what if the news had spread? The police still didn’t have any suspects about the Mack’s disappearance and my move from town didn’t cause too much of a stir because I was constantly moving. Everything changed when Jeremy showed up. 


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