Breaking the Neighborhood

The neighborhood started going downhill the day after I moved in.  And I knew it was all my fault.  I wasn’t entirely sure if my neighbors knew I brought the problems with me and I wasn’t sure if I was going to fix the problems. 

I wondered how long I could get away with bringing down the neighborhood before the neighbors or HOA took me to court. I had never lived in a neighborhood with an HOA before so I wasn’t sure what legal ramifications they could bring against me.  But the risk was worth the reward.  So far. 

My daily walks keep me on top of the neighbors and helped me keep track of who lived where and how often they were home.  If anything was out of the ordinary, I had to know immediately.  If things went down the drain, I would never have a normal life again.   

Mainly because if my brother found out what I was doing, he would send me back to jail. He had never put even a toe out of line which I guess was why he followed the path of being a lawyer while I learned everything I could about breaking into houses. Breaking in had initially started as a joke, but I quickly became obsessed. Really because I was just nosy. I didn’t know it yet, but everything would go downhill when I made the mistake of breaking into Brad’s garage. A mistake because I didn’t mean to fall in love. 


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