The Temptress

She was a temptress who didn’t know how much power she held over the rest of us.  If she said jump, we all waited for her tell us how high.  Every time I tried to remember how she came into my life it was a blur.  One day she was just there. She was there, always to be included in my life and my plans. I knew I wanted to be exactly like her and studied her every move so I could emulate her the best I knew how. 

Jenny.  Jenny.  Jenny.  Every time I didn’t know what to do, I would repeat Jenny’s name until I knew what she would do.  I never actually told anyone, but my WWJD bracelet actually stood for What Would Jenny Do.  No one in my small town needed to know who I idolized and who I didn’t.   

Some of my friends plastered pictures of Jenny on their walls, in their binders, everywhere, but I chose to keep mine to myself.  My walls were bare, but only because my mind was not.  My walls were empty because I knew my parents wouldn’t agree. They would never understand the relationship Jenny and I have and hopefully will always have. 

My mind wandered, but I wrote everything down and hid my notes in my school books.  I had notebooks full stuffed under my mattress. I wrote stories about her, drew pictures, and dreamed ridiculous dreams. Nobody will ever understand my obsession with a movie star. 


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