The Bride

“I thought you would like to visit.  To see everything new since the last time we were there.”  Jessica was practically jumping out of her skin to get in the car and go.  I knew gardens would spark her interest, but I didn’t know she would be this excited. 

“I don’t have to work this weekend if you want to check out the new beds.”  Again, Jessica’s excitement was practically vibrating from every pore in her body and if I denied her, I knew she would be devastated. 

“I would love to do breakfast and go straight there.  I know this great place we can try for breakfast.  I’ve driven by a few times…” 

As Jessica prattled on about breakfast and what new plants would be at the gardens, I knew this would be a new awakening for her.  A new beginning.   

When we showed up to the gardens we were waylaid by the bridezilla and her entourage.   She was yelling at everyone who even looked at her the wrong way.  Meaning she yelled at everyone for even looking at her.  Jessica and I watched with our mouths hanging open wondering how someone could possibly treat others like she was. Especially in public. Before we could do anything, the bride stopped directly in front of us.  

I expected her to start yelling at us for staring, but then I realized who she was. She was the mayor of our small town. The mayor who had won on a technicality. 


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