Final Explosion

“All he wanted to know was if the plan was successful.  He didn’t ask how I was, how you were, how the family was.  Why do you continue to let him return?  Why is he always coming back?”  I wanted to scream.  To shout.   

“Sam, I’m not sure why you ever thought Dad was ever behind us and wanted the best for anyone but himself.  That’s his M-O, come by to pretend like he wants to see us and then take everything he can.  He has always been like this.”  I reached out to try and bring Sam back to real life, but he wouldn’t let me near him.  He kept pacing in the kitchen, muttering to himself. 

I sat back and watched and waited for the explosion.  The final realization our father is a conman and always will be.  The fact Sam was becoming our father still hadn’t dawned on him.  Maybe I needed to get a little less subtle with the hints I dropped. I guess I needed to tell him exactly what he was doing and exactly who he was becoming. 

“Hannah, everything will be fine. I know what I am doing and I know what dad is doing. We are both only looking out for you. Just let us do our jobs.” 

When I didn’t immediately agree, Sam stood up and put his hand through the wall next to my head. I don’t know who was more surprised when we saw the bones in the wall. 


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