“But I can explain.  I can explain everything that happened.  Everything will make sense if you let me tell you what really happened.”  Rowan practically fell to her knees in front of her mother and I wondered what she was doing. 

We had discussed everything the night and the week before the ‘event’ but now she was losing her cool.  I knew what was happening before she had even knew anything had started. 

I understood why Rowan’s mom kept her under a tight leash as she never seemed to have any idea what was going on and trusted anyone.  With everything.  But I was now understanding that Rowan was the master manipulator.  The longer she talked the more details about the party came out of her mouth. 

The more details she admitted, the more I became aware she had planned the entire night.  The fight.  The fire.  The chaos.  And I knew she would throw me under the bus next.  I slowly backed out as my name rolled off her tongue. I had to get out of the house before her mother remembered I was here.  

If I got in trouble again, I would never be allowed out of the house for the rest of the month. And I had things to do. Places to go. As I shut the front door quietly behind me, I started to run. The wailing started as soon as I got into my car and I knew. I knew what her mother found out. 


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