Plan Your Visit

The only way I knew how to survive was to be able to plan my visit.  If I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, things would go awry.  I knew what I wanted and I knew how to get there.  I was a creature of habit and wanted to know ahead of time what each day would look like. 

I was good with change as long as I could implement the change myself.  I didn’t want anyone else to say what I could or could not do.  I wanted to live on my terms and my terms only. 

I wanted to loosen up and knew my life would be easier if I did, but where would my morals be?  I knew what I wanted and knew what I needed to get by.  I knew what tricks I needed to succeed. I had to have a plan and had to know where I was going with the rest of my life. 

When my father told us he had lost the house and we were moving to the country, I couldn’t be more excited.  I knew I should be sad we were losing the house, but with the way our family was going, I’d like to be away.  I only wanted to live my best life.  I knew my best life would be out of the bright lights of the city. I never could have known the future and the country only held more problems for our already troubled family. 


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