Gentle Birth

“He is of gentle birth,” she said stoically.  “He is -” 

“Oh please.  We do not live in the Middle Ages.”  I knew I should listen and indulge Lainey more than I did, but tonight was not the night.  I was too caught up in what was happening right outside to be caught up in her dreams of castles and princes. 

“Hey, but listen.  What about -” Lainey asked trying to pull me back. 

“Lainey, listen.  Look what is happening.  I think we can go help.  We should help.”  I opened her window wider to show her what was going on outside.  I was itching to run into the street, but as I didn’t know Lainey’s neighbors, I wasn’t sure how they would take it. 

I wanted to run out screaming, but as Lainey’s neighbors had always been suspicious of me, I was suspicious of them.  But I was itching to be part of the action. Maybe I could get Lainey in on the action so she could play the hero of her fantasies. 

“Who is that?  What are they doing?  Ohh, it’s a game isn’t it?”  Lainey pranced toward the front door as if there was not a carjacking happening.  Led by her brother. Her brother who had just gotten out of jail for attempted burglary.  

Before I could stop her, she was out the front door and heading toward the street. She didn’t even have a response when her brother started firing the pistol. 


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