Naps in the Park

“I never want to see you again!” she screamed.  “Stay away from me and stay away from my family!  I never should have agreed to see you in the first place.” 

I was startled out of my afternoon nap in the sun by a woman walking around the corner, gesturing wildly in the air.  The park at this time of day was usually empty which is why I always ate my lunch here.  Technically I only had thirty minutes for lunch, but no one ever noticed how long I was gone. 

They only really cared if I got my work done and some of theirs as well.  This way, they could leave early for happy hours and come in late and hungover.  I got a fifteen minute nap in the sun while they neglected their work and shifted the blame anywhere else. 

The screaming woman must have noticed me sitting up because she came straight toward me with an odd glint in her eyes.  Or was it just the sun?  Before I knew it, she was almost on top of me.  The closer she got, the more nervous I became.  Who did she think I was? Who was she confusing me with?  

She collapsed before I even noticed the blood. And then before I could do anything, a man came running around the corner, huffing and puffing and when he made it all the way to me, he pointed in my face and screamed with rage.


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