“How will you know when it’s ready?  How will you know when he is going to be here?”  Max followed me around the house asking me what seemed like every question he could think of. I bit my lip and tried to not say anything he would report back to his father.  

Usually, I didn’t mind the disruption of babysitting Max as it broke up the monotony of my days, but today was different.  I needed a little time to think and a little space to myself.  Max was my neighbor and I helped his father out on Tuesdays when he worked late and Max needed to be picked up at daycare by 5:30. I wanted to be able to sit down, quietly drink a glass of Chardonnay and plan my next move. 

My boss had dropped a bomb on us at work.  With no warning or real explanation.  I was sometimes considered to be a loud mouth because I asked the questions no one else wanted to ask and several coworkers had stopped by my office on the way to their cars to see what I thought about the meeting.  What they didn’t ask was whether or not I had sent an email. My emails were becoming legendary around the office and I’m not sure why everyone cared so much. 

I don’t know why everyone thought I would know the details of his affair, I just didn’t want to tell them it was with me. 


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