Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories


All I wanted to do was stay home and not have to talk to anyone.  My job at the public library was running me ragged due to short staffing and dumb questions.  I was on desk and talking with the public every hour of my workday other than my lunch.  Lunch was the only part of a day when I could hide not have to look at or talk to anyone for an entire hour.  I usually sat in the corner and turned off the lights so no one would see me if they walked by.  

Often while sitting in the darkened corner, I did my best to look for ways to work remotely so I only had to interact with people when I had to. And in doing so, I could pick the people who I talked to. Due to the recent pandemic, I had become very particular about who I wanted to talk to and when. I was a natural homebody and getting out into the world could be uncomfortable on a normal day, but was worse that with every breath I took, I was expecting to get sick. 

I sat in the corner and plotted. I sat in silence and planned my new life. I knew I could do it and I knew how to get started. As I pulled out my phone to call the insurance agency, my boss stuck her head into the small meeting room, smiled and I knew my plan was over. 

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