The Empty Chair

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson 

I knew something serious had happened when I saw the empty chair. It had not been empty at 7:42 AM for any of the last 813 mornings. I didn’t know the man’s name, but maybe it was finally time to stop and see what was going on and what had happened. I just hoped I wasn’t too late to help. Twenty minutes later, I got back into my car, dumbfounded. No one knew who was I talking about. There was no man sitting alone in a chair. Much less one who had been sitting alone for over two years.

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8 responses to “The Empty Chair”

  1. That’s an intriguing twist. I like how your exact time and day count in the first paragraph gives the feeling that she’s very purposeful in her observations of the man in the chair, but then – nope – it goes in another direction. I’m still pondering why she is focusing on such details.


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