You Define Love

“You define love,” I wanted to whisper, but ended up biting my tongue instead.  I was scared my views would be blown out of the water by my more thoughtful and poetic fiancee.  There were many times I totally felt inadequate by his words, his actions and his thoughtfulness. I had tried to tell him once how intimidated I was by his words, but he wouldn’t even let me finish what I was trying to say. Part of me was relieved, but the other part wanted him to reassure me that I was just as worthy of his love. 

To the point I wondered if I even deserved him.  How did I even managed to reel him in in anyway?  Had I tricked him into believing I was someone else? I had never been a very good liar, my emotions always ran all over my face no matter how hard I tried. I sometimes felt like it was one of my best, but also worst qualities. I wanted to be open with others, but not to the point they knew exactly what I was thinking all the time. I now only had two weeks left before the wedding, my vows not yet written. 

As I sat down again at my desk, my phone dinged with a new text.  I smiled as I saw it was from Nick, but I quickly recoiled. I knew this text was not for me. 

“Hi honey.  At the hotel.  Can’t wait to see you. Xoxo.” 


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