The Snoop

“What’s in there?  Do I really want to know?  Or should we back away and leave it be?”  Rob said as he looked at the envelope on the table.  He eyed it as if he had no interest in any secrets held inside the bright blue box, but also was slightly curious. 

“I don’t know what’s in there.  I’ve tried not to know what is happening as Ashley’s side of the family is not entirely keen to share.”  I wanted to tell Alex what was going to happen and how everything would work out, but I just wasn’t sure. 

As soon as Rob started toward the envelope and box, I started to back out of the home office.  I didn’t want to be involved in any way.  Ashley would not react well to his snooping, I knew because I had seen her reaction before. Luckily it had not been directed toward me. 

She would go over the top with no warning and no remorse after.  I had made the mistake of snooping once and knew the ramifications of being caught were above and beyond.  I almost didn’t recover from the rumors she started, but at least now I knew what I could get away with.  I knew Rob could get caught, but I also knew Rob would tell me everything.  No risk and all the reward. 

I smiled as I backed out of the kitchen knowing I would soon know everything about my stepsister’s life.  I knew what was best. 


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