Love and Lust

Jacoby always presented me with a totally different kind of problem.  The kind of problem that wouldn’t ever leave my mind.  All day, all night, every single minute.  I don’t know how he had managed to worm his way into my life but here we were. It is safe to say I am obsessed. But obsessed with the wrong man. I know that much now. I knew he was the wrong man from the beginning, but I could never put my finger on why I felt like this. Part of it was maybe because I had no one to talk to about him. No one I trusted. Not anymore. 

I first met Jacoby when we were nineteen and three years later, I still had not said a word to him.  My love is one from afar because I don’t want to screw it up.  Nicole is the only one who knows about my love for Jacoby, but we no longer speak. If only someone else had been there when I confessed to her about Jacoby. You would have thought I was falling for an axe murderer. It’s not like he went to jail for anything serious. It’s just that Nicole thought I was moving too quickly. First, I need him to give my house key back. In a fit of passion and lust I had given it to him and now I was sure I needed it back. It was the only explanation of why my underwear were mysteriously disappearing. 


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