The Hike

“Why didn’t you tell me how you felt? That you didn’t want to go? It would have been easier had I known.” Jessica threw her ponytail over her shoulder and made a point of not looking me in the eye. I stared at her dumbfounded and wondered what she could possibly be thinking. I had specifically said I hadn’t wanted to go hiking and specifically said the weather was bad. Now, the predicament we were in seemed to be all my fault. 

We were currently stuck in a massive downpour and wondering how we were going to possibly get home. Or even back to the car. We had crossed a tiny stream, but I’m sure by now it would be impossible for us to get across. I bit my tongue to try and keep myself from blowing up. Or worse, letting Jessica know how scared I was. I knew this would happen and I knew we would get stuck. 

Jessica should have known when Tyler backed out, there was a problem. Tyler never backed out of a chance to hike. And I should have known better than to come with Jessica alone. But part of me didn’t want her to be stuck alone in this thunderstorm. 

“Well, aren’t you going to say something? Aren’t you going to get us out of this?” Jessica looked at me with a panic on her face. Before I could open my mouth, the rain suddenly stopped and skies cleared. Then the mudslide started. 


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