Gone Again

I knew he was gone before I even opened my eyes.  The bed was cold and his scent wasn’t lingering like it usually did.  I wondered how long he had waited after I fell asleep to leave. Probably not long knowing how mad he had gotten. His face had never been as contorted as it was last night and I honestly was waiting for steam to come out of his ears. I knew it was the fight that sent him packing and if I really thought about it, leaving was the reason I started the fight in the first place. He was boring. He was calm. He had no sense of humor. I was tired. 

I didn’t want Henry around anymore and this was the easiest way I knew to see if he would fight for me.  Turns out he’s only good at fighting with me.  My mom wanted me to marry Henry because she had thought he was a good man and would have a stable influence on my somewhat wayward life. I don’t think I had ever loved Henry, but had I really even liked him? I was beginning to wonder if I had tolerated him because my mother wanted me to marry so badly. He was a little too controlled for me to really want to stick with it. I needed someone with a sense of adventure. But now that we were officially over, I could finally tell her he walked out on me over the laundry. 


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