Yoga, Part 3

Fast forward a few years and I finally made the leap and became a Certified Yoga Teacher! At first, I didn’t take the plunge once I was back in Oklahoma because I was so nervous about what everyone else would say and think because I can barely touch my toes because my hamstrings and hips are so tight. Why was I becoming a yoga teacher if I wasn’t flexible myself? I let little things get in the way of signing up for teacher training – I was going to be out of town one weekend, I didn’t have the required texts yet, I was about to start a new job, was I ready? I finally decided to get over my fears and signed up for a training program in Norman where I knew the teacher, discussed her teaching styles and attended several of her classes so I knew what to expect. Then COVID-19 hit and everything changed again.  

Instead of meeting one weekend a month with the entire group of hopeful teachers, I met three Tuesday nights and one weekend a month for siv months via Zoom. So again, not everything turned out as I would have liked and hoped that it was because instead of the physical touch and experience that can come along with yoga, I was doing it by myself in my living room while staring at my computer screen. In some ways, it worked well because it allowed other women to be able to become certified when in normal times they would have not been able to attend – the drive was too far, single mothers, women with husbands who were deployed who had small children at home. But six months later after hours and hours of trainings and Zoom meetings, we all graduated.  

Needless to say, I learned a lot about yoga, but also about myself. I sometimes consider myself to be fairly brave, but putting myself out into a place I am not familiar with and am unsure of myself took something. I’ve been paranoid about COVID in general (MY ANXIETY) so I haven’t done much teaching, but am looking forward to getting back out there when things get back toward the (new) normal. 


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