Yoga, part 1

I never intended for this post about how I really got into Yoga to be so long! I apparently didn’t think I had so much to say, so I’m going to break this blog post into a few so it won’t be so crazy…

Many years and a few moons ago, I lived in Dallas. I worked at a small branch library just outside of Dallas and had moved three hours from home without really knowing anyone in the area. Left my friends, left my family, the house I had newly bought. Everything. I had been working full-time as a Library Assistant in an elementary school and part-time as a Children’s Assistant at the local public library. I had really loved both jobs, but knew early on the full-time position in the school library would more than likely be cut due to the budget cuts swamping Oklahoma at the time.  

I applied and interviewed, applied and interviewed and when I finally gave my notice to the public library in Oklahoma, I found out a full-time Children’s Librarian was leaving at the end of the summer, but hadn’t thought to tell me! At the time, I was upset because she was the one coworker who I met outside work most often as we would often run together way too early in the mornings. There was also the fact everyone in my department knew I was looking for a full-time position in the Children’s Department in a public library. To this day, I don’t know why she didn’t tell me as I felt she should have known I would not have told anyone she was leaving. (Except for maybe my mom…) 

I didn’t feel like I could pass up a sure-fire job for one that could just be a maybe and might not even get. Even though it was the library I had always wanted to work at! So two months after accepting the job in Texas, I was officially starting my job. Having no friends really to speak of in Dallas, I tried to get out of my apartment as much as possible. Having been a lifelong soccer player, I had (and still have) very tight muscles. I had been part of a running group before I left Oklahoma and the leader had somehow wrangled a free yoga class with a yoga studio in town. Even though I had known yoga would be greatly beneficial for my tight muscles, I didn’t know anyone who had even been to a class (or maybe they just didn’t talk about it) so I hadn’t either. What I didn’t know was how much this one yoga class could change how I remember Dallas all these years later. 


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