“The dream is coming true.  You just have to believe,” I whispered to my brother and tried to get him to see things as I did.  The harder he worked, the better things would be if he knew that from the very beginning. 

I didn’t want him to see the behavior of our relatives and think that’s how he could get ahead in the world.  Our uncle lived with us on and off throughout the years and never seemed to get his feet under him.  He often got fired from jobs due to his failure to show up or he would leave early for no reason. 

“I know.  And don’t turn out like Uncle Dan.  Don’t lose everything I have because some girl broke up with me in the twelfth grade.  Know what I want. Make a plan.  Get there.”  Max’s eyes were closed as he repeated my speech.  The next morning I knew all my guidance and lecturing had gone unheeded when Max called to say he had married at eighteen. Married to a girl he had just met. Just like Uncle Dan. 

Only this time, I knew how to prepare and what to do. I knew exactly how to get rid of Marissa and get Max back on track. I needed to know he was going to be the one to make the money in the family. I couldn’t tell him about my diagnosis until he was financially stable and could take care of both of us. 


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