Nabbed, Grabbed and Sneaked

The day I found my mother going through the boxes in my closet was the day I knew I had to move out.  At nineteen, I knew it was time and it had been time for a while, but I had been hoping to save a little more money before I made the transition.  My credit card had been stolen and I had been defrauded out of several thousand dollars.  Several thousand dollars the bank couldn’t seem to get for me.  Every time I called or stopped by, no one could find the bank manager and no one could give me a straight answer. 

I knew my mother was looking for anything and everything that would keep me here, but I also knew she was looking for money.  I had been forbidden to get a bank account growing up because my mom was always short on cash and taking everything I had.  Now I was legally an adult, there was no way she could keep me from getting a bank account and I knew she was looking for my wallet or even the possibility of a little cash.  My wallet that never left my side and my cash never left my wallet. 

My mom stopped suddenly, sensing I was standing in the doorway. When she finally turned to face me I could see the wild look in her eyes. The look that only meant my grandfather was back. Back and we would have to run again. For the last time. 


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