The Earthquake

“The very best part was when the curtain then fell off the wall and he didn’t even know we had curtains.  He stared at them like they came from space.”  I blabbed on about my how ex-boyfriend had reacted to the most recent, but small earthquake we experienced.  I didn’t even have time to get nervous during the quake because I only had eyes and attention for his bizarre reaction.  In the few seconds the quake lasted, he proceeded to stare at the curtains, take off one shoe, his shirt and rebrushed his hair.  When it was over, he didn’t even address anything that had just happened. 

“When I asked him if everything was all right, he actually got angry with me. Like he thought I was making fun of him or something. I just can’t explain it.” I kicked the small stone out of the driveway as Hannah and I started toward the car.  Either way, the fact he didn’t acknowledge how strangely he had acted, was suspicious in itself to me.  

The next time he brushed his hair while watching me in the mirror, I knew there was something going on. Something about how he couldn’t concentrate on his usual 100 strokes of his hair, caught my attention. I knew he was up to something and I knew it more than likely had to do with the broken lamp. The broken lamp that hid my stash of money that I am sure was not broken by the earthquake. 


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