A Little About Me!

This is a totally different post than I’ve ever done before! Especially since it’s not a fictional story, but a story about me! I’m aiming to make this blog a little more personal and let you know what is happening with my life and of course, my dog, Lovie. Lovie and I have just moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico so I could start a new job as a Youth Librarian. I have always loved Santa Fe and New Mexico and I love to hike and ski and be outside A LOT. This is my third day on the job and is already a huge change from the library I worked in in Oklahoma. Much smaller, much older and much less tense than the environment I was in before. So all in all, so far it seems to be a much better place to be.

My only problem so far has been in struggling with the anxiety of moving 8-9 hours away from my family! Since the pandemic I have spent a ton of time with my family because of course, I had anxiety about my family or I catching Covid and having to be hospitalized or worse. Anxiety is not anything new to me (or to other members of my family), but I wish it didn’t have to come around as often as it does. I’m in the process of coming up with coping behaviors to help curb my anxiety and enjoy living in New Mexico! I know it will come. Some day.

In the mean time, if you are in Santa Fe, or have ever visited Santa Fe, send me your best hiking trails. Your best camping spots. Your favorite restaurants. Anything you love doing here!

And I promise I won’t stop the stories so get ready for another coming… tomorrow.

And just for fun, here’s a picture of my big dog that is Lovie.


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