I suspected Angela of cheating the first day she showed up in our math class. And I was desperate to get into her good graces. Not only was I desperate for a friend, I was also desperate for a passing grade in Calculus. If I didn’t pass Calculus, I would not graduate. If I did not graduate, I would never get out of town. 

If I didn’t get out of town soon, I would end up exactly like my mother. Pregnant and stuck. Stuck in a town I hated and without enough money to get out. And no help from the baby’s father. She hadn’t seen through the lies of my father quick enough so here I was. I grew up happy just with my mother and never wanted for anything. I just wanted to get out of a town that held a cloud over my mother and I. I wanted to get both of us out. 

I see my father about once every five years, but most of the time not even that. And I know Kevin has many of the same qualities as my father. Likes instant gratification, but not willing to work for it. But there was something about his blue eyes that I was having a hard time resisting. 

With Angela’s help, I knew I could finally get out from under my past and out into the world. What I didn’t consider was the possibility of getting caught. Caught, suspended, potentially expelled and stuck forever. 


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