Lost Memory

I no longer believed Rory’s memory and I no longer believed he would act appropriately. At first, I did really believe he was suffering from short term memory loss and was on the road to recovery. Then Thursday happened. 

My afternoon meeting had been cancelled and was able to leave the office earlier than normal. That’s when I found Rory’s car gone. Which surprised me as just that morning he had told me he was nervous to drive because of “all the buttons.” So for him to be gone… was surprising. 

I was debating whether or not to call Rory to see where he was, but he easily pulled his truck into the driveway while talking on his phone. Two things he claimed to not know how to do when I left for work this morning. 

I waited by his car door expecting him to come right out and tell me what was going on, but all he did was stare at me and say “I don’t know how to get out.” 

At that moment something inside me snapped and I turned around and went straight to the house. When he realized I wasn’t coming back, he finally came inside. Smirking. 

“Do you remember where your apartment is?” I asked crossing my arms across my chest. He looked at me confused.  What I wasn’t expecting was the look of sharp anger when I told him we were done. The anger of a man who was caught. 


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