Rough Around The Edges

“He’s a little rough around the edges. I wonder what she sees in him.” Adiran leaned back onto the park bench and stared at the couple on the other side of the park. As he sipped his Starbucks coffee, I realized I was becoming someone I didn’t know anymore. Much less understand why I thought this game was fun to begin with. 

What had started out as a game to pass the time was becoming more of a chance for the two of us to pass judgement on everyone around us. Adrian and I had gotten to the point we were playing every day on our lunch break. The park across the street from our office building was the perfect place for people watching. 

“Well, how about this big project meeting we have this afternoon?” I asked, quietly trying to change the subject. He ignored me completely and kept looking around the park for our next ‘victim.’ He continued to drink his coffee as I started to wonder about who I had become. In a previous life, I never would have done this. Never would have passed so much criticism onto people I didn’t know. 

As I thought back to the conversations Adrian and I have had, and I realized we had never had a positive interaction or conversation. 

“Listen. Adrian. We need to talk about our next move. Our game plan. We can’t keep making up stories. We need to find McConnell and end this. Once and for all.” 


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