Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories

Setting them Free

The circus came back to town the day I was supposed to leave.  I needed to get away from nowhere and anywhere Texas. I knew I would be held back by my family name – Taylor was a common enough last name, but in and around Georgetown it was the “Oh, you’re part of THAT Taylor family.” I just wanted to find a town where no one knew my name and my family. 

The night I need to leave, I tried to sneak out the side door only to be caught by my nosy and meddling cousin.  Caleb and I used to be the best of friends, but somewhere along the way we had taken the wrong road. And the road had yet to come back together. 

“Can’t you just pretend you didn’t see me today?”  I hissed.  My hand was already on the doorknob, but Caleb was smirking. I knew he wouldn’t keep it a secret no matter what I offered him.  

But I knew the elephants needed my help.  I knew they were abused – I had seen the movies and I had read the books.  I had been planning for two days on how to set the elephants free and it was the main reason behind why I was currently grounded. I just knew I had to make a run for it. If I had only known Caleb had already tried to set the elephants free, I would have come up with a different plan. 

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