The Ultimate Horror

My mother showing up at school was my ultimate nightmare.  She never could hold her tongue and always lost her mind over the smallest slight or inconvenience.  She was the main reason I hardly asked my friends to come over to my house. Whenever I did, she always made the night about her and everyone ended up just being uncomfortable.   

But now she was here.  At school.  I could hear her all the way down the hall, ranting how she could come and see the building whenever she damn well pleased. I sighed as my friends started glancing over their shoulders at me and stood up. Mr. Randall lived down the street from my mother and I and he must have also heard my mother’s voice as he waved me toward the door. He obviously didn’t want to have to deal with her either.  

I took a deep breath as I opened the door to greet my mother. Part of me wondered if something had happened to bring her to school to see me. More than likely, she was bored at home and wanted some sort of diversion and excitement added to her day. 

“Darling! I just came to see you. To see if you wanted to go to lunch with me.” She waved her hand at the resource officer, dismissing him. My watch read 9:45 AM. I wondered how long it would take for the police to arrest her for trespassing. And for public intoxication in a high school. 


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