Lost at Sea

When Jaren ran away, I knew things would go downhill.  And fast.  He was the glue that held our group together and his absence was shocking.  I found myself drifting like I was lost at sea without an anchor.  I didn’t know what to do or where to go. Until today, I hadn’t realized how much Jaren meant to me and how few times I had told him. Had I ever actually told him? 

The realization that I had maybe never told Jaren how much he meant to me started to haunt me. Not only was he missing, but maybe if I had told him how important he was to me, maybe he would still be here. Instead, I had run him off and would probably never see him again. 

I was hoping he would return soon so I could resume real life and tell him how crucial he was to my continued existence. I wasn’t functioning to my normal capacity. 

“Why are you so jumpy today?  What’s going on?”  I was so surprised by my mother I ran into the fridge.  Again. 

“It’s Jaren.  He’s missing.  It’s my fault.” 

To my surprise, my mother started laughing. A laugh that turned into more of a cackle and I stared at her in surprise. Maybe she hadn’t heard me correctly? As she walked away, all I could think about how she had to know where Jaren was and what had happened to him. So maybe it wasn’t my fault after all. 


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