Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories

Power and Beauty

My sister was very good at getting everything she wanted.  She used her beauty to wow those around her into doing exactly what she needed.  She was smart and beautiful and had the confidence to lead them on.  And the ability to never feel remorse over her actions. Me? I was the homely and kind sister. The one everyone told their secrets to because they all knew I would not betray them. Kaci was the one who would start the rumors and I was the one to squash them. 

High school was the chance I was waiting for.  I knew high school was my chance to shine if I could (and would) give myself the opportunity.  I knew I couldn’t hide behind my sister’s beauty for another day.  I had been safe from the lies, rumors and bullies because they were all trying to impress my sister. Kaci knew this and often reminded me about all she had ‘done’ for me. I just needed a chance to show everyone what I could do and what I had to offer. 

The summer I turned fifteen, I spent most of my days either working at Target or working in the art studio the school opened just for the summer. As somewhat of a trial to let students have a safe place to work and play. I needed to up my art game so I could show just how impressive my art was. I just wasn’t expecting my sister to sabotage me. 

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