Sing his Praises

Russ never made anything easy.  I think part of it was the fact his parents never made anything easy for him.  He just didn’t realize how difficult he made everything.  He just wanted everything to go well so he planned everything to the nines. But if something went off course, Russ often went off course. I tried to talk with him when he made these big and intricate plans to hopefully loosen him up so he wouldn’t get derailed when his plans didn’t go exactly right. 

Tonight was no exception.  He had list upon list of where everything would go and what time everything would start.  I hoped he would loosen up as the night went on as he usually did, but from the manic look in his eyes, I wasn’t sure.  I wondered if he had taken something beforehand to help him focus because he was acting a little more out of control than normal. I wondered how he would respond when something derailed as it usually did when Frank and Jasmine showed up. Frank and Jasmine were great friends and I hoped they would help in helping Russ loosen up due to the fact they were so easygoing. They always arrived on time, but often had no set plans or limits on what would happen through the night. Weirdly, tonight meant a lot to Russ so I hoped he could go with the flow they brought. I had never seen someone so serious about board games before. 


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