Harmless as a Fly

Everyone always thought that because I was short, I was harmless.  They just didn’t know about my bite.  Not many people had seen me at the height of my anger because it took me a long time to get there. Only a handful of people had ever seen me angry and no one believed them – they just laughed them off.  I had a slow fuse and didn’t take many things personally and I honestly didn’t care about much. But if someone was to mess with me or the few things I did care about, I was likely to explode. 

I had broken up with Trevor, my boyfriend of four years, recently and Kayla had been my shoulder to cry on. Trevor had broken my heart repeatedly after I confronted him with the rumors of his infidelity. Apparently it had started early and happened often.  

When I finally saw Kayla with Trevor, I was quickly reaching my peak of anger.  Angry to the point I was starting to see spots.  Kayla knew what Trevor had done with me and Trevor knew how much Kayla meant to me. The fact they were obviously dating and obviously together riled me up immediately. Mainly because it meant Kayla had been lying to me for several months and had completely used my feelings toward Trevor to her advantage. She knew what he loved, what he hated, who his best friends were, where he liked to eat out. I knew what I had to do. 


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