My Favorite Band

The reasoning and excuses I heard about what had happened that September night were out of control.  Tonight, Tim’s anger came running and caused him to punch the leader of Sanders. One punch and Daryl had a broken nose. We had gone to the sold-out show because I was obsessed with Sanders and had been for many years. I jumped at the chance to go to their live show because I had been waiting for years for them to come close enough to home so I didn’t have get a hotel room. Tim had never been a fan of Sanders, but agreed to go with me since I was so excited. I quickly realized I should have come myself. 

Tim’s anger had steadily, but slowly been increasing and it usually managed to be someone else’s fault.  Never before had I seen him have such a negative reaction to two beers, but I was beginning to wonder if he had taken something prior to picking me up from my apartment. Something about Sanders taking a short intermission had sent his simmering anger over the edge. Before anyone could react, he jumped onto the stage and rushed Daryl, the lead singer. And before Daryl could defend himself, his nose was gushing blood.  I’m not sure how Tim thought he was going to get away with assault when the entire audience had seen it.  All I know was when I was called in for questioning, Tim still managed to blame it on me. 


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