Almost Sure

“Are you sure you want to go along with this?  I mean, it seems like it is all a little sudden.  No one has even met Roger.  Are you sure you’re sure?”  Taylor continued to bumble over her words as she tried to chide me about my newfound decisions.  My newfound love. 

Bad news for her was that I had been hearing these same reservations for months now about what was going to happen.  No one thought I should be getting married to a man I had met only a few months before.  But I knew Roger was the one for me.  We met, dated and got engaged all within six months. We were now on the downhill slope of getting married and all the bad seeds seemed to be coming out. He had managed to keep all his skeletons in the closet well hidden, but one run-in with an old friend had brought them all tumbling down. I knew he was trying to quietly shove them under the rug while I turned a blind eye. 

I was trying to not turn a blind eye to what everyone was trying to warn me off of, but I couldn’t totally talk myself out of it.  Out of Roger. I knew he would keep me safe.  I knew Roger would always provide for my family.  His looks and generosity added to the lust I found myself trying to hide. I just wasn’t sure if he loved me or if he ever would. 


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