“Seriously.  Forget it.  Let’s pretend like it never happened?”  I crossed my fingers under the table and hoped Bruce would just agree nothing had happened.  I was too embarrassed to talk about anything further.  I only knew I had thought he was along the lines I was thinking, but after tonight, apparently I was mistaken. 

“How can I forget this has happened?  You just made a fool of me in front of the entire council and in front of all our friends.  How can I…  How can I ignore this?  How am I supposed to ignore this?” 

I knew Bruce was angry with me and I knew he had a right to be angry.  I knew he was going to be angry before we started.  Even with all of this, I made my decision anyway.  I had wanted us to be together, but always knew, deep inside, that this could potentially be a problem. 

And now the problem was coming to a head.  I loved him and I guess he didn’t love me.  Everything he had been saying and doing had led me to believe he did love me. And I had mistakenly made a move at the worst time. Bad news for Bruce was the fact I knew how to make him love me.  I could make him love me and he would be none the wiser. 

I began plotting as soon as Bruce walked away with his shoulders hunched in anger.  He didn’t know what he was missing. 


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