The Homicide

“The case has been ruled a homicide.”  I listened to the news and had to get up to pace around the kitchen.  Up until now, Jeff’s death had been ruled accidental and the police were no longer looking into his death.  For three years, I thought I had gotten away with it, but now the police were reopening his case. I wish the news would give me more information, but apparently the information was as new to them as it was to me. 

Everything had happened so quickly I really thought I had been seeing things.  Jeff had essentially come out of nowhere and had disappeared almost as quickly as he had appeared.  And because I knew I hadn’t hit him, I continued to my house.  At the time, I had assumed I was either seeing things or the obvious idea that he had just gotten out of the way before I took the turn too.  Either way, I didn’t worry about him much and went right to sleep when I got home. When I woke the next day, I passed the whole thing off as a bad dream. 

Two days later the reports started on the missing man.  He had been camping with his friends when he disappeared and his body was found the next day.  Until today, I had honestly thought I had gotten away with it, even though I wasn’t sure what “it” was.  That was until the doorbell rang.  And Jeff was standing at my door. 


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