The Law

“He never cared about laws.  He has always done whatever he wanted and didn’t worry about the consequences.  But why does he always get away with it?”  I fumed around the house because Jesse always got away with everything.  He really could do nothing wrong in the eyes of the law or in the eyes of our parents. I, on the other hand, managed to take the heat every single time he did something wrong. Like I should have stopped him. Or known ahead of time what he was planning. 

Today was the last straw.  He had skipped school, walked out of Starbucks without paying, scraped the neighbor’s car and I was the one who was getting in trouble for getting a B in Calculus.  There was no point in talking to my parents again because this happened all the time.  This would be the end, the last time he would get away with everything. 

I knew the local law enforcement always looked the other way so I knew I had to find someone who would care.  Someone who would make Jesse pay for his transgressions.  For his sins.  And in doing this, I knew I only had one chance.  One chance to get the spotlight off me and onto Jesse. 

As my birthday approached, I knew what I had to do.  And I knew by my birthday this year, Jesse would be in jail and I would take over his life.  Forever. He wouldn’t know what hit him. 


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