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The Barn


I was nervous about staying with my grandparents the minute I saw their ‘barn.’ The windows were completely boarded and though the stone walls looked fairly clean-ish, nothing surrounding the barn did. This was the first time I had ever met my mother’s parents due to a fight they had when she was twenty-one and now I was beginning to understand why even though she had never expanded on what exactly the fight was about. Everything passing though my head of murder and buried bodies was sure to come true. I just hoped I could stay alive for two weeks. 

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9 responses to “The Barn”

  1. Staying alive for two weeks is a pretty good goal


  2. Great, creepy vibe there. I’m sure everything will be just fine… Fun story.


  3. I just hope the bodies are only in her overactive imagination and not for real!


  4. Yikes, sounds like a bad place to stay! Good story!


  5. And two weeks later, you wrote of the experience. Well done.


  6. All those thoughts from the view of a lonely barn. Very ominous, indeed.


  7. Michael Humphris Avatar
    Michael Humphris

    An overactive mind, or insightfulness, I hope that there is a chapter two to this story


  8. Either this kid is in actual danger or he has juvenile onset paranoia, but I don’t envy him in either case. I hope he gets relief soon.


  9. Murder! Oh I sure hope not. They sound like the grandparents one really wants to avoid.


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