As Spring Unfolds

I always told people that Spring was my favorite season.  New life seemed to come back from the dead and it was always a guessing game of what would come back in my yard.  I loved them all, but the show didn’t help.  Spring was always a time I took for my own personal regrowth as well. 

My sister had disappeared six years ago when the days started getting shorter and it was the start of my funk that I had yet to pull myself out of.  My mom had completely lost it and still hadn’t recovered.  There was no spring recovery for her.  My sister was the glue for our family and her disappearance had splintered our dynamics. She was the smart one. The caring one. The one everyone told their secrets too. Now the house was as silent as it was loud when Stephanie was here. 

Her body has never been found and my hope that she will be found alive takes a hit every year.  But as they sky started staying light longer, my heart once again began to open.  Began to heal.  I often didn’t really know what I was doing, but was doing the best I could.  I knew I was moving forward, moving on.  The day the letter came, I was transported back six years. Six years and a lot of tears only to find out she had never really left. And I suddenly knew exactly where to find her and I was furious. 


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