Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories


The lights started to flicker the moment I walked in.  I went immediately to the fireplace and started to get everything sorted for the storm I knew was rolling in.  I knew I was lucky to get home before the worst had blown in and I prayed Ian would not get home soon.  Or at least call. 

If he wasn’t home in the next ten minutes, he would either get stuck in the storm and freeze or he would stay at his girlfriend’s house around the corner from his office.  Little did he know, I knew all about the affair and had taken all the necessary precautions to make sure he didn’t make it home tonight. 

His bags would be packed and on the front porch if he did, in fact, make it home.  I was betting on his brakes failing somewhere along the way home.  I had fallen out of love with him the moment I found out about his girlfriend.  I knew tonight would be the perfect opportunity for Ian to disappear. 

I was just settling down in front of the fire when I heard I car outside.  I looked around for signs of sabotage as Ian walked in.  Smiling.  As soon as he sat down, I knew. I knew he thought he had gotten away with it. But I had found the GPS in my car and went exactly where he thought I had gone. He just didn’t know he was following our neighbor. 

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