The Recliner

I pushed my father’s recliner as far back as it could go and thought about how happy I was he was out of town for the entire week.  I would be able to use the car while he was gone, I could sit in the recliner without being kicked out and could do my homework in peace. 

My father didn’t believe in schoolwork and thought the school was trying to steal me away from the family.  And that school would fill my head with enough ideas to get me to leave home forever.  Little did he know I was going to leave his house and never come back regardless of high school or not.  I knew the only reason I was attending school on a regular basis right now was the fact he couldn’t get in trouble again. 

He had already been fined a few times for truancy when I had been absent for too many days.  What my father didn’t realize was that as soon as I left for college, I was never coming back.  I had been staying late at school to get help from the librarian to apply for scholarships. 

What he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.  I knew it would be the only way I would survive.  The only way I could survive was to leave and never look back.  Leave and never associate with my father again. Leave and never tell him knew I exactly what he had done to our neighbor. 


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