The deeper we went into the forest, the more excited I got.  I knew this would be the first time I would be able to show off my new skills, but I also knew it would be the best night of sleep I would have in several weeks.  If Mitch would let me sleep.  I knew he liked to stay up late telling stories, but I also knew he liked to scare as many people as he could when we all went camping together. 

I honestly had hoped he wasn’t coming this time, but his work trip had been cancelled at the last minute so here we were. 

“Are we almost there?”  Taylor whined from the backseat.  I think it showed a lot when nobody answered or looked over their shoulders at her.  She was a last minute add by Jared after his girlfriend broke up with him. 

I had no intention of setting up my tent anywhere close to her.  I just wanted to set up my tent and relax for the next few days.  No cell phones, no TVs, nothing.  Forty-five minutes later, I had my tent exactly where I wanted it and was settling in when the yelling started.  The yelling turned into screaming and that’s when I heard the stampede. 

I had never gotten out of my tent faster than I did when I heard the screaming. The screaming quickly turned into a stunned disbelief when we realized Taylor was screaming about a stampede of chipmunks.   


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