Whale Watching

I wanted to confront her, I just didn’t know how.  Every time I tried to tell her how I felt, she just laughed and kept right on trucking.  How did she now know how it bothered me?  How did she not know how left out she made me feel? 

“Are you really on your phone again?  What could be so important you need to be checking twitter again while we are on a whale watch?”  I asked.  My breath left me as another whale breached and Amber was still staring at her phone. It was the most impressive one we had seen all day, yet Amber had seen one or two. 

“I’m just checking on the scores.  On the news.  Oh, did I miss something?”  Amber’s head snapped up as the rest of the cruise passengers ooh’ed and ahh’ed over the whale. All she saw was the splash. 

“Just a huge whale.  But sure, go back to your news and sports scores,” I said as she turned back to her phone.  I took a deep breath and couldn’t decide whether I wanted to scream or cry. 

The time and energy I had put into planning this vacation was outstanding and Amber was on her phone.  From this moment on, I knew I had to move on.  Move on and not rely on her to be a good vacation partner.  I wondered what she would do if her phone accidentally fell in the ocean as my hand reached out… 


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