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Tower of Pisa


The second I took the photograph, it was the last one I would ever take. The Tower of Pisa was my intended subject, but found myself staring at the man in the black top hat. The man who had disappeared from my life twenty years before and the man who we all had assumed was dead. The man who whose blood covered the house and whose car had been stolen and wrecked. I was certain it was him as soon as we locked eyes. Jase knew I would never confront him because he knew it was my fault he disappeared. 

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6 responses to “Tower of Pisa”

  1. Guilt is a powerful emotion


  2. A lot of back story to unwrap here! Nice one.


  3. The power of memory. Well done.


  4. When the past catches up with you, where can you find forgiveness. OR – do you have another go to erase the problem once and for all.


  5. Oooh. That’s made me curious. Very mysterious. It’s the last photo she’d ever take!


  6. Will Jase come after her later? I’m intrigued by the storyline and want to know why she will never take another picture.


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