The Ultimate Sin

“That would be considered the ultimate sin.  You won’t be able to recover from something like this.  My suggestion is you don’t go through with any part of this plan.”  My aunt continued talking, but never turned to face me.  I wanted to pound my head on the table, but knew the lecture would only get longer if I did. 

All I had done was to bring home a form so I could go on a field trip for school and it was unfortunate my aunt was here instead of my mom. 

My aunt believed in Catholic school and thought it was a sin all around that I attended the local high school that didn’t require me to pray several times a day.  She was suspicious I didn’t go to mass multiple times a week and I did nothing to confirm or deny her suspicions. I often felt like it wasn’t her business how I prayed, how often I prayed or how much time I spent in solitude and prayer. 

I did attend mass and pray on a regular basis, but not as often as my aunt would like.  She had come to spend a few weeks with us after her latest divorce and two years later, here she still was.  Most of the time, I didn’t mind, usually just when she went off the rails about how I was a sinner.  I wondered what her reaction would be when she found out I wasn’t sure I believed in God. 


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