The Haunting

“I know the window was closed when we got here last night.  I’m too scared of haunted houses to leave a random window open.”  Taylor backed herself into the corner of the room and stared at the window. I knew she was trying to keep herself pulled together and wondered how long it would last. She was always freakishly calm. 

“Haunted?  Who said anything about this place being haunted?”  I think Jamie was trying to hold back his laughter, but wasn’t very successful.  He was the most skeptical person I knew and if you couldn’t explain the science or math behind something, it wasn’t real. But weirdly, he was the most religious person I knew. 

“Haven’t you heard the stories about this house?  About what happened here?  I’m honestly not sure why I even agreed to come.  Though I am pretty sure you told me we were sleeping outside.”  Taylor’s voice started to shake as she inched toward the door. 

“What stories about this house?  I haven’t heard any stories.”  Julie crossed her arms and waited.  I knew she only wanted to act calm and collected solely so Jamie wouldn’t think less of her.  She was always trying to impress men she could never have and Jamie was definitely at the top of that list. 

“Well, it started when the family moved in in the 30’s.  When the daughter died, everything went -” Julie screamed and ran out the door when the window slammed shut by itself, exploding the glass. 


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