Election Dropout

“Don’t you think I will be elected?  How could I not be after that speech I made last night?”  I watched and waited as my sister straightened her hair.  I had already decided – before her speech – I was not going to vote for her.  And then I cast my vote for someone else. 

Sophie had practiced her speech for mere minutes before getting on stage the night before.  She was hoping her popularity would propel her into the presidency of our student council while I was hoping her plan would fail.  I knew she only wanted to be on student council to boost her resume for college and I definitely didn’t fault her for that.  But – and it was a big but – I knew she would do nothing and leave all the work for the rest of student council.  I knew she had good intentions, but no work ethic.  She would listen to what everyone had to say, but no action would follow. 

“Isn’t it so strange that Robbie dropped out of the race for President?  I thought he was going to be my biggest competition.”  Sophie looked at me in the mirror as she turned off her straightener. Her expression told me she knew something I didn’t. 

“What?  I hadn’t heard he dropped out.”  I started to panic.  He was the only candidate I had cared for. 

“He knew you voted for him and not me and couldn’t handle the pressure.” She smirked and I died inside. 


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