The Football Game

I knew the entire semester would come down to this single football game.  If we won, everything would be perfectly fine and my plans were on track.  Part of me wanted to tell Alex what was on the line if he played up to his capabilities, but this was my problem, not his.  The more he thought about my well-being, the less he thought about his. 

I took a deep breath and again tried to think of my best option going forward and what I would do if I had to get out of town.  My bags were already packed and in the trunk of my Mazda.  Michael would be waiting outside my house so I had luckily packed and left ahead of time.  But I knew if I left my phone on and we lost, Michael would find me immediately.  I just hoped he hadn’t had someone watching me for the last few days.  I had been alert, but probably not as alert as I should have been. 

When I made this deal with Michael, I didn’t think this far ahead of time.  I was just desperate to get out of the situation I was in with the police.  A situation that should never have made it this far. I never imagined the deal would not end immediately, but continue all these months later.  Especially with what I now know.  My life and freedom depended on a game I hated, but a man I loved. 


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