“You want to do what with your life?  And go where?”  I listened to my aunt’s voice get louder with each word.  I know my mother was most likely on the other end telling her only sister she was going back to school. Going back to school with two kids at home and no support other than my aunt.  She had been thinking of going back to school for years and neither of us were surprised she was finally going to take the plunge. Jeremy and I were both almost out of the house so she would no longer have to worry about us or keeping food on the table for three. It was finally her chance to think about herself again. 

My mom had talked to my brother and I days before about her plan and her ideas were for all three of us.  My brother and I never had any illusions of having financial help from our single mother for college.  We had both been working part-time jobs for years so we could start our own (small) college accounts.   

Because she was the older sister, my aunt was always trying to get my mom to think through the plans she made and ‘crazy’ ideas of what she wanted to do with her life.  Sometimes, if not most of the time, my aunt won her battles, but I knew this time she would not.  My mom was determined to be the next, great filmmaker. Despite what our aunt said. 


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