“He is not consistent.  He has shown us every day he will show up late or not show up at all.  Why are we going to give him another chance?”  I willed my arms to remain at my sides so I would not cross my arms in front of my new boss. I knew that would come off as being aggressive. 

“He is good at his job.”  When she paused, I knew she was going to finish the sentence with ‘when he shows up.’ 

I had had it up to my eyeballs with our newest hire, Taylor.  I had strong feelings the reason he was still around was the fact he is good looking.  And my new boss was single.  I had my doubts though on how single she was.  I could see the faint tan where a wedding right used to sit so if she was separated or divorced, it was still new. 

Because I was so nosy, I wanted to ask just to know some more about her background, but obviously wasn’t comfortable with that level of personal connection with a boss I wasn’t even sure I liked. 

“I’m not sure why you don’t like him.  He is very professional and polite.  He has good relationships with the community and with those who frequent the library.”  As she droned on about Taylor, I knew she was sleeping with him.  And I knew how to get her back.  I never thought she was a very good boss anyway. 


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